Thanks To Your Help We Reached The Goal !

Winchester Field Development Council Press Release

June 29, 2012


 The Winchester Field Development Council (WFDC) announced on Friday, June 29, 2012 that they have successfully reached their goal of securing $711,000.00 in private donations for Phase II of the Manchester Field Renovation Project. With this success the Town of Winchester under the terms and conditions of Article 7 which was approved during this past falls town meeting will contribute $200,000.00 toward the project. Construction of Phase II is scheduled to start this summer with a completion date around the middle of November 2012.

Phase II is highlighted by a new state of the art Track & Field facility at Manchester Field. The multi-purpose field will be open to all residents and programs in town and the track will provide a home for our local track & field programs for the first time in a decade. This facility will also promote and encourage general health and wellness for all Winchester residents regardless of age or special interest.

The 20 member WFDC organization made up of the following Winchester residents; President, Paul Manganaro, Treasurer, Chris Costello, Clerk, Ann McCarthy, Board of Directors, Patrick Gill and David Manganaro, Advisory Committee members Cynthia Danaher Kohn, Bob Reardon, Mikie Ulwick, Dot Butler, Whip Saltmarsh, Margie Peterson, Jeff Russo, Peter White, Carl Pasciuto, Dora McCloud, Susan Duffy Smith, Jane Ettenhofer, Padget Spencer, Maria Montuori, Lisa Basile, Kim Mullin and Hayes Miller would like to thank the over 1,600 donors that so generously contributed to the WFDC mission.

It has been a pleasure and honor getting to work with and meet so many new friends in town during the course of our journey. While at times our goal and mission seemed unattainable the passion and support expressed by so many provided the inspiration and motivation needed to achieve success.

This journey also provided a valuable reminder to both young and old residents as well as new and long time residents that if a community truly wants to be ONE they must first be willing to accept challenges and when called upon they must not respond by asking, “What’s in it for me?” rather they should respond by asking “How can I help?”




The WFDC Committee

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