The Plan

The Town of Winchester has a long history of supporting and encouraging its residents and students in athletic competition and promoting community wellness and fitness.

Winchester athletes have long enjoyed great success in local, state, national and international competition. The Town is home to a number of Olympic competitors and medalists, including most recently, Alicia Sacramone, silver medalist at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Numerous Winchester athletes have also enjoyed great success at the collegiate level, including the 1960 Heisman trophy winner Joe Bellino. Athletes who have gone on to compete at the professional level include Bob Bigelow, a first round NBA draft choice. The history of athletic excellence in competition is complimented by the town’s promotion and support of community wellness and fitness for all residents.

The quality of and access to youth sports programs in town is unparalleled. Over 3000 children participate in town wide programs which include youth soccer, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse and tennis. Over two-thirds of the students enrolled in Winchester High School participate in interscholastic sports competition.

In the last ten years, enrollment in the school system has grown by over 700 students and the demand for access to the town’s fields and playing surfaces has increased exponentially.

This demand and a delayed cycle of repair and replacement have placed enormous stress on the town’s available fields. The consequences have been dramatic and include the following:

The High School football team has been without a home field for two years and has been forced to play their “home” games in Somerville (2007) and Woburn (2008).

The town has no track facility which its teams can compete at and Winchester has not hosted a track meet in over a decade.

Youth sports programs must enter a lottery to allocate fields because of excess demand and many games and practices are curtailed or eliminated because of lack of available fields.

The town is frequently forced to cancel events because of weather as a result of inadequate drainage on existing fields.


The Winchester Field Development Council

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